Thursday, August 26, 2010

Girls Weekend 2010!

Girls weekend 2010 was a blast! Ang hosted in Boise. What a fun little city! We spent most of the time chatting, shopping, and eating. We threw in a little swimming. The only thing we didn't do was sleep! No worries, I slept the whole next week and blamed it on jet lag ;)

Singing in the car!
PF Changs, so good. Remember the waiter that we tried to set up with Shana, she was right, he was Gay.
Posing for pictures at Anthropology.
Plaques that describe us best.
Ang posing for the camera, great form!

Skypeing with Tracy and enjoying Kari's chocolates. They were so good! Thank you!

Thanks girls for an awesome girls weekend. It was sooo fun, we're going to have to make it a girls week. ;) Maybe when our kids are teenagers....

Miss you!!

Someone pick a book for the book club. I think I'm ready to read something.

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  1. I'm so sad I wasn't there!! You all look great!
    I'm glad you had fun. When is the next one?