Thursday, August 26, 2010


One more tip about keeping your kitchen clean. I start the dishwasher every night regardless of how full it is. I empty it in the morning while the kids are eating and then I have a place to put dirty dishes all day so they don't get stacked up in the sink.

And don't worry. Using a dishwasher is way more energy efficient than hand washing even when the dishwasher isn't completely full. Your nails will thank you.


  1. I debated that very question. To turn it on, or to wait... Now I'm going to just turn it on. It is really nice to have clean bowls each morning to eat your cereal.

    Anyone have a chore list that you follow. Now that I'm in my new house, I need to start something like that. Just remembering to change all the furnace filters is making me stressed!

  2. I have a chore chore for my kids that's really working great for us. We usually focus on one room a day, and it keeps me cleaning too... I don't have a great system for long-term though. How often do you need to chance furnace filters, anyway? ;)