Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book Club

Ok girlys,
We need some book suggestions. My kids just started soccer and I need a good read during practice time.

Shana mentioned the glass castle. Not sure if everyone has already read it.
Enders Game

Any ideas...


  1. I read Ender's Game in High School and liked it. I wouldn't mind reading it again. Orson Scott Card also has a series out called the Women of Genesis. It's 3 books with #4 coming. Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel & Leah. It makes them real life instead of just old stories. They are very interesting. I couldn't put them down. He is LDS, but is pretty open about how women were viewed and treated back then. It was never inappropriate, but like I said, he's very open.
    Just a suggestion. I'm good with whatever!!

  2. That sounds like a good series, Tracy. I just read a book based on those same ladies, but I had to do a lot of skipping and wouldn't recommend it. The time period is really interesting! I've had such bad luck with books lately!

  3. I'm sure you all read the Hunger games series, super good. I just read "These is my words" very violent, but super good. I love classics, Jane Austen, Robinson Crueso