Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Quick Kitchen Clean-up

I like to cook, and I love to eat, but I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards. Here are a few divine secrets I've learned.
When you begin to cook:

* Start with a clean kitchen

* Have your dishwasher empty

*Use a "Rachel Ray" garbage bowl or bag on the counter to save you 100 trips to the garbage under the sink.

*Fill your sink with hot soapy water and wash everything as you go. As soon as I empty a pot I wash it. It takes 2 seconds. If I wait until after dinner, it's all dried and crusty.

*I've heard of using a tray or a bin to carry everything to and from the kitchen table. I'm testing it out this week and so far it has saved me about 30 trips.


  1. I love the idea of washing as you go! Brilliant!!! Thanks, Ang.

  2. Nice. I'll have to try the tray thing. I used to stack dishes sky high on the tray when I was a busser. Time to bust out those bussing skills!